Tutoring:  We provide instruction in Reading, Writing, and Math for grades  Pre-K to 12th grade and college entry level preparation. We help students reach their academic levels in the most challenging subjects in public, private, charter, and college level. We have highly qualified and certified educators that work in these subjects on all levels for many years where we have proven results yearly based on increased grades, reading levels, and academia.  We conduct assessments that measure the levels of learning for each student.  Once assessed students works one-on-one with certified educators based on our recommended educational plan.  We follow the CCSS as outlined in public schools in addition to other curriculum, scope and sequence based on parental approval.

Parents:  We consult parents on homeschooling practices that allow parents to implement homeschooling curriculums such as A Beka Book, Time 4 Learning, Accelerated Christian Education, American School, and more effectively. Our services will also help parents choose the best curriculum to implement for their child(ren) based on the child’s academic learning level as well as special education screening if deemed necessary. We offer services to parents that have child(ren) in public, private, or charter school in understanding their child’s educational needs whether special education, interventions or additional services.

Summer Enrichment:  We offer summer services for students in grades K-8th grade.  We implement STEM programs, IT programs, Arts and Craft through technology, and many more.



Special Education Services:  We provide special education advocacy for parents that have children in public, private, and charter by advising on section 504s, IEP, and IHP based on the school prepared Individual education Plan (IEPs). Our company helps parents understand their rights and educational needs for their child’s disability by providing clear and precise guidance on the special education law based on (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Teachers:  We provide best practices with multiple learning levels that meet the needs of all students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, demographics, and experience. We help with building teacher to student relationships, assisting in classroom management, creating lesson plans, implementing effective communication, differentiation instruction, and more. We conduct professional development workshops were teachers make, take, and implement strategies with their students in an effort to provide support in areas where growth is needed.  We collect and combine data using surveys that measure both quantitative and qualitative evidence were teachers see growth during each quarter.  The data aids in developmental growth for not only teachers, but the students they serve.

Administrators:  We conduct workshops with administrators that help new teachers or DSC_0018
struggling teachers understand the concepts of responsive cultural learning and how to reach diverse students by respecting their background and culture all awhile building effective relationships.  We assists in team building that has proven effective within schools mural and culture.  We conduct professional workshops where administrators enhance community based collaboration in urban and rural areas.  We assist in differentiated instruction using Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, Marazo’s differentiation of instruction, Cultural Responsive Learning, effective test taking using CCSS, and more.